A License to Change Lifes     Including Yours
At Impulse Studio™, we set both our members and license partners up for success. Our science- and tech based fitness workout is PROVEN to produce fast results, and our tried-and-true development track record is evidence of an effective license formula. With more than 15 Studios worldwide and 3,000 members, we are just getting started in our mission to create a healthier world.
Due to our rapid growth and strong demand from existing license owners, development opportunities are limited. Become the 16th Licensee! The good news is, if you feel your area needs a location, it is likely there will be one coming soon. Thank you for your continued interest in our Impulse brand and we look forward to seeing you in the studio.

Why Impulse...

  • Full Support: You can fully concentrate on your client
  • ​Boost Your Income: up to RM150,000 per month
  • Quick ROI: profitable from the start
  • Space: ​minimum 80 sqf
  • Investment:​ starts as low as RM75,000
FULL SUPPORT from the Impulse Team
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Step 1: Entrepreneurship begins with a Conscious Decision
  • Participate from a growing fitness trend market! EMS Training!
  • ​Launch your own business and make an investment with excellent ROI perspectives.
  • ​You have identified that Impulse (EMS) Training is a young and dynamic market with excellent growth opportunities!
  • ​Make this step with as little risk and time investment as possible.
  • ​You are looking for a professional partner by your side to avoid initial mistakes!
Impulse Studio conducted over 300,000 EMS Training in more than 15 Impulse Studios in Malaysia, Germany, China and Turkey. We advise you on the right location and assist you in negotiating with the landlord. We have proven hiring tools to get the right people on board. And on top we generate leads for you, before your Impulse Studio opens. So your Break Even Point is reached in a short time and your CashFlow looks healthy from the start!
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Step 3: Long Term Success with Impulse™ Success Factors
  • ​Ongoing Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs), Management & Sales Training
  • ​Support via own Studio Management & Booking Software & App, KPI System
  • ​​Paperless Administration, online forms for smooth Studio Operations
  • ​Lead Generation via Proven Digital Marketing Tools
  • ​Much Better Purchasing Rates for EMS Equipment and Accessories
  • ​​EMS Training Certification according to Impulse Protocols to keep High Standards
  • ​Strong Brand for Higher Customer Retention Rates

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